About me

Hi everyone! My name is Andrea, call me Andy if it comes easier. I love food and am really passionate about it. My mother is a trained chef and my grandmother’s meals really rock the kasbah, so I like to think the love for food runs in my blood.

I created this blog to share some of the recipes I make on a daily basis and give you helpful tips or insight on some of them. I enjoy experimenting and new challenges, so I will often tackle new culinary adventures!

By all means, I am not a trained chef or a professional photographer, but simply a foodie who enjoys cooking and baking. I make mistakes and probably don’t follow the traditional and conventional cookery rules, but the results are equally as tasty and enjoyable. You also won’t find airbushed pictures of food on here but, rather, my humble kitchen in the background. Please blame the awful British weather for lack of natural sunshine in the stills.

If only looking at my efforts and reading the recipes makes you want to try it yourselves, I will consider myself very happy.

Hope you enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Martina Latino

    Andrea, ti seguo ogni tanto… dai degli spunti proprio interessanti! Dovrò iniziare a fare qualche prova, anche se a giudicare dai risultati preferirei di gran lunga un tuo invito a cena!
    Spero tu stia bene..
    Un abbraccio

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